Sword of Solidarity

Quest: Sword of Solidarity
Loc.: Spawn point of Human Fighters.
NPC: Grandmaster Roien.
Race: Human
Lvl: 9~16
Rewards: NG Sword, 100 Lesser Healing Potions & Echo Crystals.

Talk to Grandmaster Roien at the human fighter starting area, southeast of Talking Island Village. He will give you Roien’s Letter that you have to deliver to Blacksmith Alltran, near the center of Talking Island Village he will send you to Elven Ruins.

Enter the Elven Ruins and hunt Lunnunt Orc Snipers (lvl 10 passive) and Tunath Orc Warriors and Marksman until you get both the Broken Blade Top and the Broken Blade Bottom.

Give the pieces to Blacksmith Alltran, who will give you Alltran’s Note. Give the note to Grandmaster Roien. He will give you the Broken Sword Handle. Give the handle to Blacksmith Alltran.

And you will get the Sword of Solidarity, SSNG, various echo crystals and 100 lesser healing potions.